Student Wellbeing



At Dampier Primary School our motto is Together. In order to put our vision into practice, we aim to work with the community to make Dampier Primary School a safe and happy environmental for everyone.

Our three values are: Happy Mind, Healthy Body, Hardy Spirit.
A Happy Mind; We will “care” for each student with humanity and sensitivity, as developing human beings worthy of being taught with genuine respect, enlightened discipline and imaginative flair. We will “care” about what we do and how we do it.
A Healthy Body; the wellbeing of our students is pivotal to their success at school and beyond. Physically and emotionally healthy young people are able to engage openly and work to their full potential. 
A Hardy Spirit; we will “nurture & challenge” each student. English and Math are the foundations for learning in all of the key learning areas and the core of our work as a school. At our school, each and every student, regardless of background and ability must be provided with the conditions to learn so that they can be the best that they can be. We will build capacity in each student to be accountable and to take responsibility; to value the experiences offered at our school; to have a genuine desire to succeed; to raise their expectations for themselves; and to be life-long learners.

The Social and Emotional Learning Targets we have set for the school are:

1. Positive Dampier Primary School community (parents, students, staff) satisfaction survey data with relation to teaching and learning, with an increasing trend of school community survey participation. 

2. Student attendance at the end of each year will be the same or improved when compared to like schools. 

KidsMatter, Friendly Schools Plus and Be You form the foundation of our Social and Emotial Learning program. We hold student wellbeing days twice a term to provide students with an opportunity to practice their skills and develop a deeper understand of emotional regulation and our values. TO support your child to develop their wellbeing, you may like to read one of the following children books:

 ECE - Pinocchio, Rabbit Rabbits On, Franklin Fibs or It Wasn’t Me!

 Middle Primary – Tangles or The Boy Who Cried Wolf

 Upper Primary – The Great White Man-Eating Shark or the Gizmo, Big Fat Liar (DVD)