Heath and Physical Education

Morning Fitness

This year students at Dampier Primary School are engaged in morning fitness on Tuesdays - Thursdays. In term 2 we are focussing on practicing for the cross country so we first warm-up and stretch, then complete interval training for 10-15 minutes to build our fitness.


2015 Faction Cross Country

The Dampier Primary School Faction Cross Country was held in magnificent conditions on the 10th of June with all abled bodied students running their little hearts out. It was fantastic to see all of the hard training pay off with some extraodinary improvements from when training began eight weeks previous. This year's cross country event was also the closest that has been seen in recent history with only 16 points seperating 3rd and 1st place. The results for 2015 are as follows:

 1st Place - Malus 511 Points

2nd Place - Enderby 503 Points

3rd Place - Lewis 494 Points



Junior Boys

  1. Taj Lovell
  2. Conrad Pool
  3. Benjeman Wheleham

Junior Girls

  1. Emma Nolan
  2. Alexis Maliphant
  3. Isabelle Thompson

Intermediate Boys

  1. Mahli Beardman
  2. Luke White
  3. Jake Bulla

Intermediate Girls

  1. Shenoa Taylor-Poots
  2. Mary Scroop
  3. Ava Hocking

Senior Boys

  1. Blake White
  2. Ryah Carrigg
  3. Darcy Evans

Senior Girls

  1. Jaycel Fairweather
  2. Shania Bruce
  3. Deeshay Fairweather


Term 2 will once again be a busy one with the Winter Carnival and Cross Country playing a prominent role in P.E lessons. I have always been impressed with those have put in an extra bit of effort and trained after school for the Cross Country. These students always seem place well so the extra effort really does pay off.