Here comes the circus!

On Friday 26 June 2015, students and staff alike were in stitches from laughing at the clever and creative circus incursion. While this was exciting and beneficial students put their circus skills to the test by trying the teeny tiny bike, spinning plates, spinning sticks and the good old fashioned hoola hoop. Teachers released their inner child and had a go as well.

Getting some tips for circus success 








Students at Dampier Primary School have had the opportunity to participate in the following incursions in 2014:

  • Shockproof Incursion
  • NRL Visit
  • Camp Quality Incursion
  • WA Ballet Incursion
  • WASO Visit
  • Captain Clean Up
  • Constable Care Visit / Izzy Visit
  • Yirra Yaakin
  • The Right Balance
  • Skateboarding WA
  • Ride to School Day
  • Walk Safely to School Day
  • Swag of Tales
  • Golf WA
  • WACA Visit
  • Radrock
  • SAFE Visit