Below are images that capture parts of Dampier Primary School that make us an important hub within the Dampier community. We value the whole child and as a result have introduced many exciting initiatives to ensure all students are celebrated and thrive at school. We have a number of clubs that operate throughout the week, as well as a play pod and nature playground. 

Gardening Club 

Our keen gardeners help harvest vegetables from our aquaponics garden and our raised garden beds near the bike racks.  They celery, beans, capsicum, eggplant, bok choy, parsley and corriander.  Students were able to take home some of the fresh produce and parents and students were offered any surplus vegetables. 

We would like to thank our gardener, Irene and her husband Stu, for their assistance in the garden and Luke and Bec Malone for supplying manure for our vegetable garden and orchard.

Parents, if you would like to use some of the herbs we have got growing, for an evening meal, please feel free to take what you need.  We have chilli, parsley and basil.  In our shade house area we often have corriander and mint.



Technology Club

We run a Technology Club once a week during lunch for budding tech-savvy students to hone their skills in robotics, Minecraft and coding.




Japanese Club


Our lovely Japanese teacher, O'Brien Sensei, runs a lunchtime Japanese club once a week for students to learn more about Japan and further develop their Japanese language skills.