Special Events

Hoe Down at the Dampier Primary School Bushdance 

On the 4th of June, Dampier Primary School's annual Community Bushdance took place. Each year group was dressed to impress with their finest country attire. Each class performed a rehearsed dance and then brought their parents up to dance with them. As the students get older, the dances get harder and parents feel increasingly challenged! As always, it was a fabulous night with fundraising Asian food on offer by the Year 6s. This fantastic community spirit epitomises the importance Dampier Primary School places on the principle of the school being an active and engaging hub of the community. The successful night was capped off with all the parents, students and teachers dancing Cotton Eyed Joe together. Over too soon, we all look forward to next year's bushdance already.


Mr Yates' Year 4 class with their incredible mashup Year 1 students dancing with their parents DPS staff Watching the night with joy

Circus Theme Dress-up Day

On Friday the 22nd of may we had a Circus theme dress up day, this was in preparation for the circus incursion on Friday of week 10! We had some fantastic outfits in every class with some teachers even dressing up. At assembly we had a fashion walk for students to show off their costumes. Here are some of the efforts:









Mothers Day Afternoon Tea

We had a fantastic afternoon pampering our beautiful mothers practicing for Mother's Day Sunday. Thanks to all those mums, nannas, aunties and loved ones who came to help us celebrate your day. To those loved ones who couldn't make it, we missed you! Check the thumbnails below to see Mrs Ellson's beautiful photos from the day.